Boat Hauling & Towing

Southeast MA Boat Hauling & Towing

Earl’s Marina offers a full line of boat transport services, including boat hauling, emergency boat towing, marine crane & forklift services, boat hoisting, and more. We are experienced, professional MA boat movers and will travel throughout New England for our customers’ convenience.

Boat Hauling Services

Boat Move Over The Road / Hydraulic Trailer Service – $7.00/ft. + $1.85/mile, minimum $175.00

Hydraulic Trailer Services Package – Price includes de-stepping mast, hoisting boat, & hydraulic trailer service. For the end of season package price hauls, an additional $2.50/ft. will be applied for bottom washing.

Boat Type Rate Min. Fee

Power Boat $8.00/ft. + $1.85/mile $200.00
Sailboat $11.00/ft. + $1.85/mile $275.00

Small Truck Use (Customer-Owned Trailer Moving) – $85.00/hr. + $1.85/mile

Additional Fees For Hauling:

  • Wide Load Permits (mandatory for vessels over 8’6" wide): $40.00
  • Out-Of-State Wide Load Permits: Rate Variable (mandatory for wide load hauls)
  • Trailer Mast Out-Riggers (for masts which do not lay on top of deck): $75.00
  • Any applicable tolls are billable to the customer.
  • Mileage is calculated from departure from Earl’s to arrival at Earl’s Marina.

Miscellaneous Services

Towing Service – $150.00/hr. (Note: rate subject to change based on severity, time of day, weather, etc.)

If you have any questions about our MA boat hauling, boat towing, or boat transport services, feel free to contact us.

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