Slips and Moorings

Southeast MA Slips & Moorings

At Earl’s Marina, we offer 115 slips and 70 moorings for boats up to 50 feet in length. We also offer complete winter boat storage.

Southeast MA Boat Slip Rentals

Dock Rate Min. Slip Fee Location

A $105.00/ft. $3,570.00 Outside Dock, Facing Out
B $95.00/ft. $2,470.00 Outside Dock, Facing In
C $95.00/ft. $2,375.00 Inside Dock – Facing Out


Southeast MA Dock & Store Package

Call Kevin at 508-993-8600 for more information about our new Dock & Store Package pricing !


Southeast MA Boat Slip Electricity

Available on Docks A & B only:

Quantity Rate Min. Electricity Fee

One 30 amp circuit $12.00/ft. $300.00


Southeast MA Mooring Rentals

Mooring rentals are billed at $50.00/ft., with a minimum fee of $1,250.00, and 6.25% MA sales tax added. Dinghies must be 8′ or shorter.


Southeast MA Customer-Owned Moorings

Seasonal mooring purchases include dinghy dock tie-up & facilities usage for $1,500.00 per season.


Southeast MA Moor & Store Package

Our Moor & Store package includes boat hauling, de-step mast, wash bottom, store, launch, step mast, & mooring rental.

Boat Type Rate Min. Fee

Power Boat $83.00/ft. $2,075.00 (billed ½ fall, ½ spring)
Sailboat $89.00/ft. $2,225.00 (billed ½ fall, ½ spring)


Transient Mooring / Docks Space

Moorings are available for $1.00/ft. per night, and slips with electricity are $2.00/ft. per night.


Slip & Mooring Rental Terms

Rates effective for the 2016 season.

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2015 Rate Schedule for all of our services !

Earl’s Marina, Inc., reserves the right to assign dock slip positions according to length, beam, and draft as they see fit. Any special requests are to be made in person to Earl’s Marina management.

Dock and mooring rentals are subject to the terms and conditions on the seasonal dockage contract. All owners must sign and date a contract to have a slip or mooring for any rental season.